An Essential Guide to Become a Fashion Stylist

What is a Fashion Stylist?

A fashion stylist is a leading profession in the fashion world. A fashion stylist manages every aspect of a person’s visual aesthetic to make them look appealing and fashionable. They work for individuals like actors, models and famous characters.

What Does a Fashion Stylist Do?

Here are some common tasks of a fashion stylist:

  • Joining brand showrooms, runway shows and other fashion industry events to get in touch with the latest trends in fashion and design.
  • Advising clients regarding fashion styling for visuals.
  • Conducting researches about previous eras (through movies, books and magazines).
  • Purchasing props for shoots.
  • Working with public figures to improve the personal visual aesthetic.
  • Inspecting photo shoots.

Where Do They Work?

Fashion stylists usually work in these contexts:

  • On Tv commercials and print advertisements.
  • On music videos.
  • On professional photoshoots.
  • In Tv newsrooms.
  • In a sports team consulting on uniforms.
  • On a political campaign, improving the appearance of the candidate.

Conditions of Work

Fashion stylists have to travel to different locations for photoshoots, meetings and other works. This also includes international travel.

Working hours of a fashion stylist are irregular and usually long.


The fashion industry is becoming competitive day by day. To become a fashion stylist, you need relevant degrees in fashion merchandising, styling and designing. There are many institutes that offer appropriate courses. Relevant degree and work
experience are considered as the main entry requirements.


involving her duties – a fashion stylist

3 Essentials of a Fashion Stylist

  1. Keep in Touch with Fashion Trends

If your dream is to become a fashion stylist, then you must be well aware of fashion trends. This is important because your clients have no idea about the field. The best way to keep in touch is to attend events and understand what’s happening there.

                  2. Solid Portfolio

Since the beginning of the career, you should build your portfolio no matter whether you are a member of a fashion house or a freelancer. Don’t wait until you become famous. If you have enough resources, it is better to create your own website with a professional look.

                  3. Determination and Passion

 “Is it hard to become a fashion stylist?” If you have the passion and you’re determined, being a fashion stylist is not that hard. You must truly love what you do or you will get fed
up with it. You will have to face many challenges during the first few years,
but those years will teach you the best lessons of your life.


3 Valuable Tips to Succeed Your Fashion Stylist Career

  • Gather Experience

Experience is the key to success. Although some fashion stylists have a
degree, they fail when interviewing. Therefore, it’s always important to have a
good experience along with a relevant degree.

  • Don’t Be Shy

If you want to become sacksful and famous, you must get away from your
shyness. It is the worst enemy for your development. Try to join parties and
mix with successful people to build your own career.

  • Create convenient personal and professional relationships

Relationships are a good way to attract new clients. If you have good communication skills, it’s not hard to create new relationships and bonds. This will help you to grow your business.

If you wish to become a successful and famous fashion artist, follow these guidelines and work hard. Persistence is important no matter what you do. Good luck!

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