How to Wear Jeggings - The Best Way to Look Curvy

How to Wear Jeggings – The Best Way to Look Curvy

You might have heard the term “curvy” before, but you’re probably still wondering how to wear leggings. You may be embarrassed about your size, or maybe it’s the style you really want. Either way, you will find the answer on how to wear leggings when you’re finished reading this article.

First, let’s get down to it, you need to get the size of the proper jeans if you are trying to wear leggings. Jeggings are called a “semi-formal” length, so don’t purchase jeans that are too tight or even too long. Jeggings run a little shorter than your regular jeans, so always ensure that you don’t purchase a pair that are too long, too short, or fit you somewhere in between.

The next thing you need to know is your hip measurement. If you are wearing a denim shirt, then make sure it is fitted around your hip. Try to avoid tight cotton t-shirts, as they tend to be more “high rise”, and can cause a problem around the hip area.

The next step to knowing how to wear leggings is to remember to wear socks, and not just flip flops. Socks with an ankle cuff that fits well are necessary to keep your leg and foot in place while wearing leggings. You’ll want to experiment a bit with how your feet look while wearing leggings, as you may prefer them a little bigger, or smaller.

It is also an important part of finding how to wear leggings that you should have access to proper, flat shoes. You do not want your feet to be slipping in your boots and your legs sliding in your slippers. It’s hard to keep your balance when your feet are in the mud, so make sure you have the right footwear.

One last tip on how to wear leggings is to be sure that you are comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable, chances are you will keep your dressy leggings in a drawer and let them pile up in your closet. When you wear leggings, whether it’s a flat pair or a tall chunky pair, you want to find comfort first, and fashion second.

With these tips, you should be able to get your best looks and make your body look great while wearing leggings. Hopefully, these tips can help you get the proper length, the right fit, and keep your feet safe.

Hopefully, by now you know how to wear leggings. If you have any questions or are having trouble figuring out how to wear leggings, you can call up a professional seamstress for some help.

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